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I’m a teacher.

My lectures and workshops promote the concepts of body awareness, transdiciplinary methods and critical thinking.


I enjoy, practice and encourage artistic work with (and in) an ensemble or community. My own creative methods have always linked to ideas of sharing and participating with others. The exceptional variety of possibilities make each creative group process a fascinating study of imagination, communication, negotiation and creation.

A precise practice of dialogue and a critical self-reflection keeps inspiring and broadening my artistic thought process. My lectures and workshops therefore negotiate the concepts of body awareness, combinatory play, transdiciplinary methods and critical thinking. I have been a lecturer for Piano Improvisation, Rhythmics and Performance Practice at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Franz Liszt Hochschule in Weimar, DE.

In addition to teaching at various institutions I am leading international workshops in Rhythmics and Improvisation across Europe and Asia. From October 2017 to October 2022 I was a Professor for Rhythmics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AT.