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Live Events

Upcoming performances, concerts, workshops and lectures.

Multiplier Event Stockholm, SE

Four Higher Education Institutions who have worked together in an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for three years present the project output. I will give two workshops and a lecture about Eurhythmics in the field of artistic research.

„NOW, as I was about to….“

Transdisciplinary Performance

In the performance „NOW, as I was about to….“, 4 dancers, 10 singers, 1 choir conducter, 1 pianist*performer, 1 composer*live-electronicist and 1 complexity scientist*performer create moments of the present. The swinging, falling, tilting, catching, circling, searching, flowing in, around, through and in the NOW manifests itself in audio-corporeal spaces – near and far, dense and porous, interrupted and continuous, eternal and fleeting….

With Rose Breuss, Kai Chung Chuan, Damian Cortes Alberti, Johannes Hiemetsberger, Leonhard Horstmeyer, Marcela Lopez-Morales, María Shurkal, Adrián Artacho Bueno and Company of Musik

Masterclass Katowice, PL

Workshop and Lecture

Erasmus+ project


Transdisciplinary Performance

Aus der Serie Strich/Figuren I-IV
der Cie. Of(f) Verticality

Stadtpfarrkirche Urfahr, 4040 Linz (A)

Rosenberg Dance Research Festival

Public Lecture Performance

Dialectic Attempts of A Eurythmician And A Complexity Scientist –

towards a notation of perceptive processes in the context of Eurhythmics-performance

with: Leonhard Horstmeyer and Hanne Pilgrim

Symposium rhythmik:connect

Video presentation „Six Memos for a pianist and a self-playing piano”

Adrián Artacho Bueno, Markus Kupferblum & Hanne Pilgrim


Workshop with Leohard Horstmeyer

„Etudes d`espace – dialectic attempts of a Eurhythmician and a complexity scientist“

Rhythmikwerkstatt Hellerau

18th Rhythmikwerkstatt Dalcroze: „Resonanz – Distanz“


Eurhythmics in networked co-creation“  and

„Etudes d`espace – dialectic attempts of a Eurhythmician and a complexity scientist“


The great motets as a spiritual map: Chorus sine nomine and Simon Oberleitner wander through Bruckner’s choral music in space and time.

Concept: Hanne Pilgrim, Simon Oberleitner, Johannes Hiemetsberger

Simon Oberleitner: piano & arrangements

Hanne Pilgrim: scenic direction

Johannes Hiemetsberger: musical direction

Dreaming, Jumping, Diving

Workshop „Dreaming, Jumping, Diving“ – exploring the Laban „states“ and „drives“ in (instrumental) music&movement improvisation as part of the European Eurhythmics Days at Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva.


Paper & Workshop (F)lux Aeterna: Choreomusical studies and contemporary rhythmics practices“ in collaboration with Stephanie Schroedter as part of the 5th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies. 

Generally known is that especially the avant-garde dance theatre at the beginning of the 20th century was looking for new approaches to combine music and movement apart from traditional conventions. Émile Jaques-Dalcroze’s educational work provided valuable impulses within this tendency, although some leading dancers/choreographers tried to conceal how much they benefited from these achievements. Less known is, however, that the field dedicated to the analysis of music and movement, the so-called choreomusical studies or choreomusicology, also drew significant ideas from Jaques-Dalcroze’s work. In a theoretical introduction to this workshop intersections between these primarily educational- didactic and, on the other hand, particularly theoretical-analytical approaches to intertwinings of music and movement will be shown: Where are comparable criteria? What are the main differences?

Rethinking Videoconference

Workshop in Zusammenarbeit mit Adrian Artacho Bueno im Rahmen des Symposiums „Rethinking Classical Musik Practice“. Einleitung: Können wir mit dem Medium Videokonferenz eine kreative Umgebung schaffen in der kollaborative künstlerische Praxis möglich ist? Wie lassen sich die Beziehungen zwischen Akteur*innen und einem Publikum dabei neu ausloten oder wie kann gar ein neues Publikum per Videokonferenz angesprochen werden? (…)

Conducting Spaces

Ars Electronica performance with the company of music and the artist Adrián Artacho (soundconcept) traces the dimension of “eternity” as a state and in doing so also questions a current sense of time in post-Covid times.

Together with the audience, Johannes Hiemetsberger and Hanne Pilgrim from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna create an audio-visual collective space that begins with Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna. The translation between voices, traces of movement and sound takes place like a mirror in a mirror… Festival visitors can try out their skills in conducting and performing or composing music at once in an experimental Open Lab. In collaboration with Ableton Live (DE) and MiMU Gloves (UK).

Lecture Presentation

Lecture by Hanne Pilgrim as part of the 12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research of the Society for Artistic Research hosted by mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Lecture on „Social d[ist]ancing“: Developing a networked artistic practice out of confinement. Beyond exploring the aesthetics of this particular medium, the presented case studies also reveal a transformative process that requires artists to re-examine the fundamental conditions for group creativity and artistic collaboration.

„How to Pray“ with Company of Music

Concert with the acclaimed vocal ensemble Company of Music lead by Johannes Hiemetsberger. With Hanne Pilgrim (Celesta), Vivi Vassileva (Marimba, Percussion), Maria Chlebus (Marimba), Benedict Mitterbauer (Viola) etc., with works by Morton Feldman, David Lang and Steve Reich.

Europe in Music. Music in Europe.

Nrebew Consort and Ensemble Smaragd performing Henry Purcell, Benjamin Britten, Sting, Claudio Monteverdi, Anestis Logothetis etc.

11 Anläufe den Sieg zu verfehlen

Performance: Re-Kompositionen, Choreografien und Aktionen zu Maricio Kagels „10 Märschen den Sieg zu verfehlen“ mit Studierenden der MBP/ Rhythmik, des Konzertfachs und der Filmakademie Wien.

Singende Räume

Workshop „Singende Räume“ gemeinsam mit Claudia Kettenbach im Rahmen der Impulstage Improvisation „Carpe Impro“

Federleicht mit voller Wucht

Workshop Federleicht mit voller Wucht – ein Laboratorium zum Parameter KRAFT in Musik und Bewegung.

The listening body in action

International Conference of Dalcroze Studies „The listening body in action“, Workshop „Composing gestures: Kinaesthetic backgrounds in music and movement“ gemeinsam mit Jutta Goldgruber-Galler.

Ensemble Smaragd

Debüt Performance des Ensemble Smaragd, ein Vokalensemble des  Anton Bruckner Instituts, gegründet von Hanne Pilgrim und Johannes Hiemetsberger.

Wanted: Emile Jaques-Dalcroze!

Workshop „Movement and choreographic approaches to piano music by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze“ im Rahmen des Symposiums „Wanted: Emile Jaques-Dalcroze!“

Arts & Citizenship

Workshop gemeinsam mit Adelheid Mersim Rahmen der Tagung „Arts & Citizenship – Towards Diversity of Cultural Expressions“.


With Clemens Rynkowski (Theremin), Hanne PIlgrim (Piano)

Sommers Blau

Interdisziplinäre Performance mit Klavier, Harmonium, Schlagwerk, Stimme und Körper von Jule Unterspann und Hanne Pilgrim im Rahmen des Cöthener Kultursommers.

Sommerkurs (Shanghai)

Sommerkurs Klavierimprovisation/ Rhythmik auf Einladung von Ya Shuangzi Xie

Spannen, Lösen, Stützen, Fallen

Ein Tanzlaboratorium zum Parameter KRAFT im Rahmen der Internationalen Sommerakademie Musiktherapie Wien.

Improvisiertes Konzert mit Jule Unterspann im Rahmne der Konzertreihe Frei Tag Abend.

Performance mit Clemens Rynkowski im Rahmen der Masterpräsentation von Christian Andrés im Fachbereich Design.

Zigan Aldi Kollektiv

Live-Performance with Zigan Aldi Kollektiv. Created by the Berlin based producer and DJ Zigan Aldi the collective performes electronic-instrumental crossover from melodic techno to deep house. Pianist Hanne Pilgrim, guitarist Pierre Sandeck and clarinetist Lars Löffler-Oppermann are composing and performing live sets along the DJ Set by Zigan Aldi.

Transition Pieces V

Multimedialer Performance Abend mit den Masterabschlüssen der Studierenden im Profil Performance unter Leitung von Pro. Marianne Steffen-Wttek und Hanne Pilgrim.

Mutter Courage

Theatermusik mit Musik von Paul Dessau für die Inszenierung von Claus Peymann am Berliner Ensemble. Teilnahme an ca. 20 Vorstellungen.


Liederabend mit Frank Szafranski (Tenor) und Hanne Pilgrim (Piano) mit Werken von Arnold Schönberg, Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven u.a.


Nachtkonzert mit Werken von Chopin, Skrjabin, Rachmaninov u.a. im Rahmen von 48 Stunden Neukölln und 48 Stunden Nikodemus.

Moving Messiaen

Lecture Performance mit Dorothea Weise & Maria Hector und Schnittstellen Workshop im Rahmen des Symposions Sound – Traces – Moves.

Transition Pieces IV

Multimedialer Performance Abend mit den Masterabschlüssen der Studierenden im Profil Performance unter Leitung von Pro. Marianne Steffen-Wttek und Hanne Pilgrim.