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I’m a pianist.

I perform, improvise and record piano music ranging from classical repertoire to contemporary instant composition.


My profound passion for music and the persistent training in piano, musical theory, rhythmics, choral singing, choral conducting, musical theater, music theory and ear training has helped me become a professional and versatile pianist. My education was heavily influenced by Wolfgang Hoyer (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln) and his approaches to Bach’s well-tempered piano and a relentless training in listening and modulating.

Prof. Linde Großmann (Berlin University of the Arts) has encouraged me to develop of a wide-ranging pianistic repertoire extending into contemporary literature and a piano technique based on Russian tradition. I have since worked with Claus Peymann and Clemens Rynkowski at Berliner Ensemble, Georg Scharegg at Theaterdiscounter Berlin and advised and supported several other theatre music projects.

Experimental music projects include recordings and live performances with Zigan Aldi Kollektiv, Jazz singer Jule Unterspann, and Composer and Thereminist Clemens Rynkowski among others. In classical chamber music I have performed in a duo with Frank Szafranksi, Anna Christina Gorbatschowa and Frédérique Labbow.